Leading the Industry with Advanced Inspection Technology

ARKK Tubing Inspection Services Ltd. is a Mobile Rig Floor Inspection Service that Magnetically inspects your tubing while tripping out of the well. The ARTIS 4 Tool is the only 6 (six) FUNCTION WELLHEAD INSPECTION UNIT that utilizes the latest software in computerized Non-Contact Trip Tool Inspection Systems (TTIS). The ARTIS 4 inspects for:

  2. Thru Hole Detection 1/16" diameter and larger;
  3. Localized OD Pitting Detection; 
  4. Localized ID Pitting and Wall Loss Detection;
  5. Longitudinal Wall Loss: High Resolution Rod Wear and Rod Coupling Wear Detection;
  6. Longitudinal Wall Loss: Low Resolution Rod Wear and Rod Coupling Wear Detection.

Our fleet of 6 Inspection Unit's now use the most recent ARTIS 4 software to detect ID and OD Pitting, Rodwear, Splits and Thru Hole 1/16" diameter under most circumstances that occur while pulling out of the hole. After the inspection is complete, a computer generated inspection report detailing the condition of your tubing and an invoice, are printed for your consultant.

ARKK Tubing Inspection Services Ltd achieved a SECOR in August 2007. We are a current member of the Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships (AASP) and compliant with ISNetworld, Complyworks and IRP 16.


Field set up ARTIS 4 System on the Rig Floor

Head Office

4113E - 44 Ave
Camrose, Alberta, Canada
T4V 5H2
Email: arkk@telus.net

Branch Office

Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada
Email: rlabrecque@arkktubing.com